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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Latest...BARTLETT On The Go

Cool Steve Bartlett
O.K.....Lot's going on here. Let's look at music first. This gig will be ongoing for Friday nights in the weeks to come...let's just see this going on forever..OK?, Steve's playing at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma each Friday night with that awesome music legendJERRY MILLER..what an honor this is.
JERRY MILLER, guitarist from MOBY GRAPE, back in the 1960's. There's lots of stuff online 'bout him, so, take a look...O.K?
Anyway, Steve and Jerry been hitting it off. AND, tomorrow, Steve's getting together with Jerry and going over some tunes for this Friday night's gig... Friday, Sept. 28, 2012  and it will be fantastic.  Address for THE STONEGATE is 5421 South Tacoma Way. That's easy to find. Take the Tacoma Mall Exit off I-5...I think that's 54th and go west to South Tacoma Way. The phone is 253/743-2255. Music starts at 9 pm., ends 1 am. The pizza is great, beer's ice cold and they serve mixed drinks too. It'll be fun. JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums.
Steve's also been rehearsing with his music buddy, music instructor MIKE KARNES. They get together each Sunday and just have fun, relax and play...Steve loves it. Both of them have been just playing forever...just 'bout 50 years music experience each. They really admire each other's musical genius, and relax. It's so much fun for them both. They get together each week in Olympia.
My hubby ran into G.W. TAYLOR/vocals yesterday. I love his voice and will look on YOUTUBE for a video. G. W. is a find actor, and has been in many performances put on by talented NANCY TRIBUSH HILLMAN, at THE NEW TRIAD THEATER in Yelm, over the years. He has a wonderful CD out too. I'll check it out and find out where you can find it and post it here OK?
Steve talked to singer/song writer TOD LEMKUHL/guitarist/vocals over this past week about getting together for some music. Hopefully, that will be happening soon.
Bye for now. Jan

Friday, August 3, 2012

LYDIA PENSE & Cold Blood - I'm a good woman


This very striking dark wine rose with yellow center is one of my favorites. I found this photo HERE at GARDENING MADE EASY.COM. Here's what they say..."'Tuscany', a rose of Italian origin. This rose is very, very old, pre-1596. A Gallica Rose, that is extremely fragrant, and incredibly beautiful, with maroon flowers. Zones 4-10, height 4 feet."...WOW!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Gig Announced...Private Show at 'OLYMPIA CITY CENTER'

Steve Bartlett
Well, This is just in.... a new private gig has been announced at THE OLYMPIA CITY CENTER, that's 222 COLUMBIA N.W. in Olympia for January 30th. Go HERE.

My Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be performing with the band ARTESIAN UNDERGROUND.

So, that just shows ya...you too can have really cool live music at your private events. Check it out. OK? Musicians just love to play...I know everybody will have a great time at your event too with live music and you'll look really cool. Remember, Live Music just makes any and everything very special that's all. T. Jan


I just feel like dancin', gigs make me happy, that's all...OK? It's JENNIFER LOPEZ doin' 'Let's get Loud' in Porta Rico. 'OLE.


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