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Local Area Live Music Events


Monday, December 19, 2011

Hear That CLATTER AND DIN Up Seattle Way?

First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS  Go HERE for links.
OK...What's up 'round here music-wise lately? huh? Well first, have you heard all that CLATTER AND DIN up north in down town Seattle? Since MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals is returning to San Diego, California this month, starts real work on December 28th, STEVE HICKS/drums thought it would be wonderful and arranged to have a CD highlighting Martin/guitar, of course, with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and our neighbor, STEVE HICKS doin' drums, The recording was created last week end in Seattle. Steve reports all the guys had a great time and CLATTER AND DIN is top of the line. A really cool place to do a recording and there were lots of promises of getting some fun studio work up there too. Yea! Go to the link above to check them out..OK? The guys had a exciting time as I said before, and they noticed that BUMP KITCHEN and THE RANDY OXFORD BAND were both performing in Seattle at THE HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB. Now, that something not to be missed. Check it out  HERE.

Thursday's the next WALTER's BIRTHDAY rehearsal for my Steve. He always has a great time with his musical buddies, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. Go HERE to find out more 'bout WALTER's BIRTHDAY.

Big news from recording artist, and one of WALTER's BIRTHDAY's talented singer/song writers JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocal. He was notified last week that his CD 'WAKE UP CALLS' with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is getting lots of radio time in Europe. Congrats to Jon. Check JON BARONI's CDs out on CDBaby HERE

Last month KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums had his one and only 47th birthday party at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma. Well, we've known Kevin, when they both played with AL EARICK/guitar/vocals and SHERYL CLARK/sax in the band ROAD DAWGS along time ago and there were so many old friends there, Steve had a great time. Thanks Kevin. Just some of the folks that Steve mentioned to me were...AL EARICK/guitar/vocals, who forgot his guitar , but his wife Donna looked great. Cool Donna. JEFF WALLACE/keys was there and CAROL ROSE/ vocals. 'Hi' to you guys. Steve enjoyed playing several times with JERRY MILLER/guitar and also TIM HALL/guitar. Kevin always knew how to put on a party and there lots of cool people there.

Steve went up north of Everett to see his family for a Christmas get-together last week end too. He gave several of his family members copies of the new WALTER's BIRTHDAY CD. One will be sent down to Texas for his younger brother, country singer/song writer RUSSELL BARTLETT. Check brother Russ out HERE. And buy his CDs on CDBaby HERE OK.

Thats all for today. Have a wonderful musical holiday friends, Thanks T. Jan and Steve Bartlett.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's The Latest?

First posted on BARTLETT'S UPCOMING EVENTS. Go. HERE  for links.T. Jan

OK...Today's Thursday, November 17th ...and I haven't posted for awhile....what's up anyway?
Steve and I've been really busy getting the farm ready for winter etc....you understand what I mean....there's sheep to shear, filling our barn with hay, chicken and rabbit feed...and chopping and stacking wood for our wood stove, then there's harvesting our garden goodies and putting them up for winter too. yum..
Steve'll be rehearsing tonight with the band, WALTER's BIRTHDAY. That's JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, with st_robert as sound engineer. Go HERE and HERE.
He's been jammin' with STEVE HICKS/drummer HERE, our neighbor and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals of WALTER's BIRTHDAY, and, MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals of THE MARTIN SALINAS BAND and former owner of LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERS in McKenna.
TERESA OAKMAN/vocals and the awesome YASMINE ARIEL/vocals HERE are wonderful new for me voices that I've [T. Jan] really enjoyed.
This Saturday night Steve has been invited to Kevin's birthday bash by KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma. With TIM HALL/guitar/vocals and JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals invited too I bet there'll be lots of good music and Steve'll have a real awesome time. I'll stay up to hear his full report when he gets home. Yea!
That's the latest news here from the BARTLETTS. [Steve and T. Jan].
See you soon. T. Jan

Monday, August 15, 2011


OK, OK,.....we're ALL ready for this....The WALTER's BIRTHDAY CD RELEASE PARTY on Friday, August 26th, at THE SPIRAL CAFE ARTS and WELLNESS CENTER in Yelm.

This new CD is awesome and a keeper, it's called just 'WALTER's BIRTHDAY' and that says it ALL....Cool, all music especially written by these very talented musicans.. AND, the CD will be available, of course, at this very special event. So, none of us want to miss this fun night of live music in Yelm. st_robert will be the sound engineer for the night and recording the evening too. So, come early so you won't miss a thing.
It all begins at 8:30 with a special guest performer...to warm us all up and get our dancing feet wet...THEN...at 9 pm,...the WALTER's BIRTHDAY band will begin and perform all of the new CD tunes along with all our favorite WALTER's BIRTHDAY tunes until 12 midnight. There's only a $10.00 cover for this awesome night.
My hubby, STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS just loves this band. He plays bass with his special music buddies in WALTER's BIRTHDAY. That's JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. To listen to a sample of this CD, visit WALTER's BIRTHDAY HERE.
What a fun night. T.Jan

WHERE: The Location is 201 Yelm Ave, first floor. That's in Yelm...only 14 miles from Lacey, pass The RED WIND CASINO...into Yelm, THE SPIRAL is on the right, 2 blocks from the first stoplight...AND,15 miles from Spanaway...take the Roy 'Y' exit to Yelm. T. Jan
Go to THE SPIRAL CAFE HERE Phone 360/400-2233. Tam Borrelli/owner of the Spiral Cafe reports a full bar and bar menu on this special night.  And, A BIG Dance Floor. Cool. T. Jan

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mister Wilcox Had A Farm 'E-I-E-I-O

First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS, Go HERE for links. T.Jan
7/30/11, Next Saturday..7 pm: Wilcox Farms Private Party at Harts Lake Campus. BARTLETT ON BASS in the band WALTER'S BIRTHDAY.

This is a private party...don't worry, you too can hire this remarkably awesome band for your special events. Contact the band WALTER'S BIRTHDAY HERE.

The band members areTOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. T.Jan

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy My Local Live Music/Community Events for Today...YAY

Steve saying 'Hi'  by me [Jan]
First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS, go there for links/ Jan
Today is Sunday, February 20th and time again for SHELLY ELYs JAM...7 pm at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL. That's in Spanaway, WA. on Pacific....So cool. Just saw Shell's post on FACEBOOK for tonight. Here it is...Ready? Me too. From Shell.. "Laurie Johnson kicking ass tonight at Uncle Sam's.. As always.. Plus Jho, Salmon Dave Cox, a naked drummer and Mr. Willit.? Hey, cool Shell...and look.... DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND /drums will be naked! That's new.. WOW! Bet, lottsa ladies show up tonight at UNCLE SAMs. It'll be a good show, so get at Uncle Sam's early. Plus...THREE [3] more great musicians too! WOW...'when it rains it pours...huh, Shelly'. So, that's the fantastic JHO BLENIS/guitar AND Salmon DAVE COX/keys? [please forgive me Dave, we've never met...my name is Jan and my hubby plays a fine bass guitar...and, I write about it. AND, other cool music stuff too]. OK,... Speaking of fine bass guitar...TERRY JAE/bass is up tonight in Shelly's jam ...and LAURIE JOHNSON/harp/vocals. Laurie is the fearless leader for the band 'Careless Hunter' the last time Steve and I saw her...She's always cool. It'll be a great night.

On Thursdays, it's always THE JERRY MILLER BAND [looks like the Jerry Miller Band is starting a new web site...check it out] is playing at UNCLE SAMs, again that's 7 pm. The group members are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp. Please send an update guys, if there's been any changes it's not on your new site yet. Thanks. Jan
Next up is LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. Always a fun place. My wonderful hubby STEVE BARTLETT/bass played at Liquid Soul last Friday night, he's a member of the band, WALTERs BIRTHDAY. It was a great night with a good turn out for this awesome band. Steve loved it.
On Thursday's there's an OPEN MIC hosted by David Wayne at Liquid Soul. Bring your axe down and play some. Starts at 6 pm. That's in McKenna. At the McKenna 'Y' in fact, behind BAYDOS.
That's all live music that's been reported at the Liquid Soul web page. Look at link if you like.
Now, KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums, Kenny sent me a link yesterday about Music frequency and control. Check it out HERE. Interesting ideas Kenny, thanks. No new live music to report from Kenny. Bet, he's working with his newly created jazz band called NO BOXES. Cool.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in downtown Yelm. OK,...SHELLSHOCK doin' Karaoke this past week and, new 'Dance Cages'? What's that?? I'm I getting old or what? I've never remember ever dancing with or in cages, and I've always been real cool. Anyway, never mind that, Willoughby's got new ones [cages]. Check them out. OK.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. I know each Sunday at 6 pm DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS host an OPEN MIC at The Mandolin, sign up at 5:30. I found this on FACEBOOK this week, posted by THE MANDOLIN CAFE. I saved it to re-post here. From the Mandolin Cafe on FACEBOOK..." MEMO TO MUSICIANS: The submission form on the website is not working. It adds your information to our database, but does NOT generate an email to notify us of your requests to play. If you have sent a request recently or want to, email music@themandolincafe.com with Band Name, Website, Genre, Contact Name, Email Address & Phone Number, Desired Dates (check the calendar). Thanks! We will work on getting it fixed!". OK, now you got it...straight from the Mandolin Cafe.
Remember, tip well or buy the musician's CD at the Mandolin, musicians do NOT get paid. Get there early for parking. One of my [Jan's] favorite places to relax in Tacoma.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL of ENLIGHTNMENT in Yelm. Ramtha's Q & A + Mexico Feast for 3/4 and 3/5 has been canceled.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS..This past week, Steve played at Liquid Soul Coffee Roaster's In McKenna. The band WALTERs BIRTHDAY played and he's their awesome bass guy. Cool Steve. It was a great turn out, lots of nice new faces showed up plus old friends and Steve really enjoyed it.
He will again be meeting with guitar/bass instructer MIKE KARNES tomorrow. Mike will be teaching the guitar stuff and my Steve will do the bass instruction for some very lucky kids on March 5th. That's at the KIDS MUSICAL WORKSHOP, that Mike and Steve have been getting ready for. Also, a very mysterious world class vocalist will be doing their thing at this awesome event. [ YAY! I know who, HINT: Starts with...just kidding I won't tell...AND, I don't wanna miss this event]. When I know more, or they let me know more, I'll post it right away...and we'll ALL know. OK? The workshop's location and price have not been given to me yet...what they worried about?...I'd never spoil any of their surprises or anything like that..would I?....come on guys...just a little hint.....pretty please..OK, P-L-E-A-S-E...with sugar on top....pause.... Well, I tried folks. I'll let you know soon, over and out for now. 'Bye'. Jan
Remember, If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at bartlettonbass@aol.com for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Local Live Music Community Event Stuff For Week 2/14/11...Meet Our 'New' Old Truck

First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS, go there for links. Jan

Well, I just listened to BETTE MIDLER...''Never Be Your Beast of Burden', with Mick Jagger...OK Bette....we respect everone 'round here. Don't we guys? Yep. no worries.
So, lets get started with the local live music report for this week...Of course it's Ms. Bluzzzzzz, Shelly Ely first up today 'cause her jam's tonight...each Sunday night 7 pm at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, WA. Shell has nothing posted on FACEBOOK about who'll be there tonight. She did jam with BILLY SHEW this week at DAWSONs last Thursday in Tacoma....OK, then, let's see.hummmmm, I'm on my own... I know,.. it's DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums with TERRY JAE/bass at THE SHELLY ELY JAM....that's cool. And beautiful SHELLY ELY sings really cool, so that's covered too. That leaves the guitar guy...don't worry..there's no problem...Shell gets great guitar guys to play at HER jams...so, it'll be fun. We just have to show up... a really GOOD time is guaranteed....way cool.
Next, on Thursdays it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND at UNCLE SAMs, with his great group of musicians. Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp.
All this week a cancer benefit is going on at UNCLE SAMs for BANDIDO PADRE. Check it HERE. THE TIM HALL BANDs performing and lots of great musicians helping out. Cool. Go see great live music at UNCLE SAMs each week.
LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. Last Friday, the 11th, my hubby was a part of a fantastic bunch of musicians called WALTERs BIRTHDAY. This band rocks!...and is so cool. A large crowd showed up for the event...AND, everyone went home smiling...the crowd, the band and MARTIN SALINAS, owner of Liquid Soul. So, they decided to do it again.... they're doin' it again next Friday night, February 18th at 8 pm at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. WALTERs BIRTHDAY February 18th....come on down to join in the fun. Only $5.00 cover...what a deal for GREAT live music. This a cool family place, so bring the whole family...kids welcome. There's a dance floor and beer and wine too, along with fresh roasted coffee, soups, sandwiches, desserts, that kinda thing.
And, each Thursday night at LIQUID SOUL, it's OPEN MIC hosted by David Wayne. Begins at 6 pm to 9 pm. Go have a fantastic time on Thursday nights. Have any questions, just call Martin at 360/400-soul. Location, you know, is at the McKenna 'Y' behind BAYDOS.
This week, KENNY WILLIAMSON sent in a really cool old photo from a BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE concert in 1975. Kenny, you look awesome...really cool. Check the photo out HERE, and see if you agree...cool Kenny-cool photo.
No live music reported from Kenny for this next week. Bet he's still organizing his jazz group called NO BOXES. Wonderful stuff.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. Nothing new to report.
Now, THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS host an OPEN MIC each Sunday at 6 pm, sign up at 5:30. I always have to get there early for parking, so, that's what I recommend. Tasty original soups and sandwiches at The Mandolin Cafe each week.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL of ENLIGHTENMENT Live-streaming 3 guest speakers during Blue College this week. 2011 home study program now available.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS My Steve's playing this next Friday night 2/18, at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna, he's the bassman for WALTERs BIRTHDAY. It'll be another great night of live music. Members of this band are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. See you there.
Steve will be meeting friend, MIKE KARNES tomorrow 2/14, they're still organizing that fantastic KIDs MUSICAL WORKSHOP for March 5th. Mike will teach the guitar stuff, Steve will give the bass instruction for some very lucky kids. Also, a vocalist will join the group for lots of fun. Cool.
And, I want to especially thank our neighbor STEVE HICKS/drums...who let Steve borrow his van quicky, in kinda an emergency, so Steve could rush to Shelton and, put money down on our new 'old' truck....with a camper just for me [the old hippie, Jan]. Brave Steve then, risked life and limb + hitch-hicked to Shelton the next day and got the truck home...HURRAY! Many friends offered to help us when we were 'carless'...so,many thanks to friends Shelly Ely and Jon Baroni for their offers.
Oh, what kinda truck you ask...Well,it's a really cool 1970 Chevy Camper Special...'350...something'. It's a big white truck.
Phillip, our mechanic, was here yesterday, getting it in top shape...Thanks Phillip.
I'm now learning to get 'into' the truck...the camper is for an advanced 'camper' LOL ....So, no problem...I should get it straight away. SMILE and WAVE. Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at bartlettonbass@aol.com for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

Remembering Sandy McCaully, Local Live Music For Week 2/7

Photo by Eric Andersson cc

First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS, go there for links. Jan
Yesterday,Saturday, 2/5 Sandy McCaully was remembered at the Ording Eagles. He passed on 1/21/11. There was a jam/wake, Shelly Ely called us and let us know....'A Good-bye Sandy'...I have a photo posted of Sandy McCaully, that I found on FACEBOOK by ERIC ANDERSSON. I remember him fondy...a kind, thoughtful music loving man with a gentle smile. Steve and I went to his home in Ording, Washington and jammed with him and his friends. He called Steve several times to chat music. We first met him at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs. 'Round 2008.

We were unable to go yesterday...no transportation. Shell called an offered to loan Steve her car. Thanks Shelly, sadly.... Steve could not get a ride to Shelly's in Spanaway to pick up her car and get out to Ording. 'We thought of you often yesterday Sandy...will always think of you with love'. Jan and Steve.
Now, for our weekly tune-talk....The Shelly Ely Jam is tonight...Sunday, 2/6, at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL, starts at 7 pm. Always a treat. GREAT BLUZZZ and a fun jam too. DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums, TERRY JAE/bass, SHELLY ELY/vocals with DAVE BRAY tonight on guitar in Spanaway. This is what Shell says on FACEBOOK about tonight's gig.... "This is unusual so you gotta be there..Mr.Showbiz, Salmon Dave Bray, will be joining us tonight at Uncle Sams. Fun!!!"...so cool, Shell. OK, now you heard it folks from the bluzzz lady herself SHELLY ELY...'we gotta be there. And, it'll be fun'. As I [Jan] sees it.... we can't lose..... So, see you around 7 pm. P.S. bring your axe, if you wanna jam with some dyn-O-mite players. Cool. They have a grill. HERE's the menu...check it out. LATEST UPDATE: From Shelly...Jam will be just tad bit late because of 'stinkin' football', thanks for the news. 'I hear ya. Shell' [Jan]
THE JERRY MILLER BAND each Thursday at 7 pm is a fantastic choice for live music. The members of this band are awesome too, there's Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp.....AND, tacos for a buck on Thursdays.
LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna have some cool things happening this week. It's always DAVID WAYNE hosting AN OPEN MIC each Thursday...so, there's a cool open mic this Thursday night, beginning at 6 pm., gos 'til 9. You can count on that.
AND, I'm really jazzed about next Friday night, February 11th at 8 pm. My hubby, and excellent bass-guy...STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS will be performing again in the band WALTERs BIRTHDAY. They had a rehearsal last night...Steve got home later than usual...really excited, he had forgotten the time, they ALL had...they were all enjoying the tunes so much...'we sounded so good', he said. Members of WALTERs BIRTHDAY are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals and my STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. Cool.
Cover, only 5.00 bucks at the door. Remember, kids are always welcome and the food so yummy....organic salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, desserts...all good stuff. There's fresh roasted fair-trade coffee, beer and wine too.
Now, for KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums. Kenny sent me an Email this week...giving a full report on the MYKEL SPATZ AKA MICHAEL SPOTTS MEMORIAL on 1/23rd. Sounds like it was a great success...Michael would be proud, as Kenny said. Go HERE for the report.
Looks like Kenny's latest jazz project is called NO BOXES. Members of this group Instrumentation: Grant Stott/ Sax/Keyboard, Bill Chrey/Flute, Michael Simpson/French horn, Melody Funk/Oboe, Howard Mostrom/Sax/EWI, James Clark/Bass, Miguelito Fieldhouse/Congas/Percussion, Drums/ ....Jazz oriented improv....Development in progress." ....they are getting organized and will be performing hopefully soon. OK...sounds fantastic. I'll keep a look out.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. I know they always have live music several times a week. Look at their calendar, posted HERE. As you will notice, each Sunday evening DENNY FOREMAN/guitar AND FRIENDS host an OPEN MIC...6 to 9 pm. OK, Cool. I'm not sure if every week, but RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp does helps Denny with this open mic. Russ will not be there tonight. Sign up 5:30...starts 6 pm OK, this is perfect for the 'north-enders' in Tacoma. Yeah! Go for it.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS...My Steve is getting together with MIKE KARNES tomorrow in Olympia, they're organizing that way cool KIDs MUSIC WORKSHOP for March 5th that I've been talking about.
Mike Karnes, has been Steve's buddy and is a long-time friend from college, has been teaching music for many years in the Port Orchard area, will give the guitar instruction. Steve will give the bass instruction. There's a world-class vocalist too. Cool I wanna go. I'll keep everyone updated. OK?
AGAIN, this Friday night, February 11th, be at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna @ 8 pm. Hear some wonderful live music by the band WALTERs BIRTHDAY [members of band are listed above]. $5.00 cover, and well worth it.
Location: At the McKenna 'Y' behind BAYDOS. Only one mile outside Yelm. Phone 360/400-soul. From Tacoma, take the Roy 'Y', straight pass Roy to McKenna....or take I-5 to Old Nisqually Exit...through Yelm to McKenna. It's easy to find, and you won't be sorry. I promise. A cool gig.
Steve enjoyed jamming with our neighbor Steve Hicks/drums and Jason/guitar this past week.
OK...Here's a cool video. Those kids that MIKE and STEVE are teaching in the KIDs MUSIC WORKSHOP on 3/5/11 won't be learning 'the little brown jug'...Yawn. It's this cool stuff. Like JAMES BROWN AND THE JAMES BROWN ORCHESTRA...'COLD SWEAT'. Posted by mcreminisce.on Youtube.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Local Live Music Report And Community Events for 1/17/11

First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS, go there for links...Jan
Steve in Olympia, relaxing. Jan
Just checked Shelly Ely for news this week...nothing posted on her page on FACEBOOK about tonight's jam, so, I have no new news for the Shelly Ely Jam at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL. It starts around 7 pm. tonight [Sunday]. DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND's on drums, he has nothing about tonight's gig posted either, and TERRY JAE/bass tonight? 4 PM....Shelly just called....My BARTLETT Will be on bass tonight, sitting in for TERRY JAE. Yay! HERE. Not sure about guitar tonight. Call 253/507-7808. if you need that info. It's sure a fun jam. Shelly does the vocals. She's being recognized all over the place [media-stuff, cool Shelly]

On Taco-Thursdays, all tacos are a buck and THE JERRY MILLER BAND starts at 7 pm. Check them out. Members of this group are....Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp
Got a call from MARTIN SALINAS this week, about upcoming live music events at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's. They're having OPEN MIC, hosted by David Wayne each Thursday evening 6 pm. from now on out. Check their web site. LIQUID SOUL also created a Christmas Open Mic CD. Available for $10.00. It was sold out, but, more copies are in now. Time to get your copy. Next Friday, the 21st 'Martin Salinas and Friends' band will be performing at 8 pm. at LIQUID SOUL...Martin did not say who the band members were...I'll post when I have more info. OK? Call 360/400-soul.
KENNY WILLIAMSON contacted me on Thursday, about THE MYKEL SPATZ MEMORIAL, on Sunday, the 23rd at THE SWISS in Tacoma.. Well, Kenny would like me to report that MYKEL SPATZ was also known as KENNETH MICHAEL SPOTTS and K. MICHAEL SPOTTS. There will be 3 core bands and an open jam for this memorial, starts at 3 pm.
WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. Karaoke with DJ 'THUNDERHAWK'. No live music or other news.
THE GOVERNOR's GRILL...Nothing..I'm done.
Now, we go to THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup. Zero to report.
Check out DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS Sunday's OPEN MIC at THE MANDOLIN CAFE on 12th in Tacoma, 6 to 9 pm. Have not heard if RUSS HARRIS will be there this week. Fun place.
RAMTHA's SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT..Saturday, 1/22, the Movie 'Inside Job' @ Yelm Cinamas 9 am. [morning] Tickets $6.25 at door. Open to the public. About this movie, from R.S.E. "THIS FILM EXPOSES THE GREED AND CORRUPTION OF THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY THAT LED TO THE 2008 MELTDOWN."
What happened this past week end?.... 'Create Your Year Workshop', began Friday evening, 1/14 until today. The first 2 1/2 day continous Live-Streaming event with 1932 online world-wide watchers yesterday, plus the folks at The Ranch.
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION....Nothing new reported. Register free to join this helpful group for gardening, growing food, greenhouses, community kitchen etc...newsletter.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS He has no gigs booked at this time...well, a gig for next summer in July, in Kent...but, that's a long way off. not really what you're looking for. is it?
So, what's happening?...The latest...4 pm Sunday, 1/16...Bartlett at Shelly Ely Jam, sitting in for Terry Jae...go HERE
Steve's waiting to finish up the WALTER's BIRTHDAY band CD. Steve is finished for now and waiting for the next part....adding vocals to the CD.
Steve got a call from his old friend, MIKE KARNES, up Gig Harbor/Port Orchard way. Mike's organizing a 'workshop' for kids, teaching them guitar etc. Steve will be adding bass guitar instruction and examples for those lucky kids. There will be a drummer, showing his part and a fine vocalist too. Sounds fun. This is in the planning stages, when I know more I'll share.
I'm sure, Steve's getting 'itchy fingers'. He has such a great love for music, people have called him to jam etc. He'll be going out soon to, as he says 'make it happen.' Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at bartlettonbass@aol.com for review before Saturday, for Sunday's report.. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Local Live Music Report BIG TIME For 1/10/11

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First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS, go there for links. Jan
I just posted information about THE SHELLY ELY JAM tonight [Sunday, 1/9] at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL. So, go HERE for my post. Have a great time Shelly, Jho, Terry and Dylan Lanny.The Shelly Ely Jam is happening each Sunday night, 7 pm. Check it out.

Thursdays, it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND 7 pm at UNCLE SAM's, with 'Taco-Thursday'...that's buck tacos...yea. The cool band member's are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp
Now, the LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna. Nothing's posted for this week. Hopefully, MARTIN SALINAS or Barb Salinas will be contacting me soon about some open mics, jams or gigs for the week or month. I'll post whatever info. I can find, as soon as I get it. OK? They did have an 'Unplugged' OPEN MIC last Thursday 1/6th,...wondering how it went...hopefully well...my post about this open mic-HERE, that I posted on December 30th was number #3rd read for all of 2010. WOW! Cool. UPDATED 1/10/11--HERE.
Better call first then, 360/400-soul about live music and see what they have going.
KENNY WILLIAMSON has no new reports of live music for this week. But, he has Emailed me a few times. Thanks Kenny.
THE GOVERNOR's GRILL in Olympia. Still, nothing new since 12/18 and machine phone calls only. Well, this will be my [Jan's] last report on THE GOVERNOR's GRILL, unless I see something happening over there. 'SCOOCH, any news? Help. Remember folks, I post all of BARTLETT ON BASS with only one finger on my right hand working [experiencing a few little minor M.S. symtoms]. Forgive me, if I need to rest now and then, and catch my breath. It's just too difficult to keep posting nothing's happening again and again. Thank you all for your kind understanding. Jan
Next, WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. In the past week..DJ 'Thunderhawk', jello shots, drink specials too...No live music reported.
THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup is up next, hopefully something's been put up. Hold on... I'll be right back....[later]...well, nothing..a BIG FAT ZERO... sad to say...BUT, this will be my very last report on THE SUMMIT PUB, unless I see some movement over there...just a little.... something..P-L-E-A-S-E.
OK.... THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. They always have lots of music...several times a week, but THE MANDOLIN don't pay any musicians over there...so, tip well. Tonight, [Sunday nights] it's DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS for OPEN MIC 6 to 9 pm. On Facebook, I read that RUSS HARRIS will be there too doing some drumming. Go check them out. OK? It'll be fun.
RAMTHA's SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in Yelm. On January 14th through 17th, 'Create Your Year, Workshop'...The first continuous live-stream 2 1/2 day event to be shown. Cool
YELM SENIOR CENTER...There's nothing new again and no signs of life either.... OK, they're history. Done. Next....
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION...there has been zero new activties. They have had new info. post on using unheated greenhouses. Check them out. Thanks.
STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS is next. The band that BARTLETT's playing in HERE was honored to perform at TAMBORINE BORRELLI's SPIRAL CAFE ART AND WELL BEING STUDIO fund-raiser last Friday night. Steve reported to me lots of friends, jumping happy kids, beautiful dancing girls with Steve Knopp, dancing instructors that knew their stuff, Terra Jean and Archie, Liquid Soul Coffee and Martin Salinas peeking in, Steve, dancing himself with someone who thought he should know how to dance better, being a musician and all...FYI Lady...my hubby dances just wonderful...when I have no legs AND, I'm in his strong arms and I'm dancing again, on this or any dance floor in this or any universe....I just love it. Sit down. Thanks. Love you Steve. Jan
[Don't worry Sweetheart, what does SHE know anyway? I love your dancing...yes, I mean it. Just enjoy the music...it's NOT a dance contest or anything like that. Just enjoy music AND, being able to stand up and walk , that's all....Jan]....Forgive me today folks...the hip/shoulder/ arm/ neck pain's getting to me alittle...I'll be better tomorrow. Thanks, Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at bartlettonbass@aol.com for review before Saturday, for Sunday's report.. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.


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