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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hear That CLATTER AND DIN Up Seattle Way?

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OK...What's up 'round here music-wise lately? huh? Well first, have you heard all that CLATTER AND DIN up north in down town Seattle? Since MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals is returning to San Diego, California this month, starts real work on December 28th, STEVE HICKS/drums thought it would be wonderful and arranged to have a CD highlighting Martin/guitar, of course, with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and our neighbor, STEVE HICKS doin' drums, The recording was created last week end in Seattle. Steve reports all the guys had a great time and CLATTER AND DIN is top of the line. A really cool place to do a recording and there were lots of promises of getting some fun studio work up there too. Yea! Go to the link above to check them out..OK? The guys had a exciting time as I said before, and they noticed that BUMP KITCHEN and THE RANDY OXFORD BAND were both performing in Seattle at THE HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB. Now, that something not to be missed. Check it out  HERE.

Thursday's the next WALTER's BIRTHDAY rehearsal for my Steve. He always has a great time with his musical buddies, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. Go HERE to find out more 'bout WALTER's BIRTHDAY.

Big news from recording artist, and one of WALTER's BIRTHDAY's talented singer/song writers JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocal. He was notified last week that his CD 'WAKE UP CALLS' with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is getting lots of radio time in Europe. Congrats to Jon. Check JON BARONI's CDs out on CDBaby HERE

Last month KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums had his one and only 47th birthday party at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma. Well, we've known Kevin, when they both played with AL EARICK/guitar/vocals and SHERYL CLARK/sax in the band ROAD DAWGS along time ago and there were so many old friends there, Steve had a great time. Thanks Kevin. Just some of the folks that Steve mentioned to me were...AL EARICK/guitar/vocals, who forgot his guitar , but his wife Donna looked great. Cool Donna. JEFF WALLACE/keys was there and CAROL ROSE/ vocals. 'Hi' to you guys. Steve enjoyed playing several times with JERRY MILLER/guitar and also TIM HALL/guitar. Kevin always knew how to put on a party and there lots of cool people there.

Steve went up north of Everett to see his family for a Christmas get-together last week end too. He gave several of his family members copies of the new WALTER's BIRTHDAY CD. One will be sent down to Texas for his younger brother, country singer/song writer RUSSELL BARTLETT. Check brother Russ out HERE. And buy his CDs on CDBaby HERE OK.

Thats all for today. Have a wonderful musical holiday friends, Thanks T. Jan and Steve Bartlett.



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